Are there any fees or penalties if I need to cancel a booking or stay?

As a Steward, if you need to cancel a confirmed guest booking, you are allowed 3 cancellations per year.


1st Cancel: We will give you a call to check-in and make sure everything is ok and ask if there is any way that Yonder can further assist you in your bookings. We will spend some time on this call reviewing the policy and making sure you donโ€™t have any questions. 


2nd Cancel: We will reach out again to make sure we know what happened and make sure the solution can be found quickly and remind you again of our policy. 


3rd Cancel: We still want to be an advocate for you in this time but will need to put your account on a suspension period while figuring out how to keep this from happening in the future. Additionally, you will be charged a 12% service fee for the inconvenience.  


Upon cancellation, guests will receive a full refund.