Bedroom Guidelines

The perfect place to wind-down.

It’s more than just a place to sleep. Just because there are beds in a bedroom doesn't mean that it should be your primary focal point. Present your bedrooms in a manner in which a guest can picture themselves settling in and making it their own. Think about how one would enjoy breakfast in bed, place a crib into the room aesthetically, or enjoy a cheese board on a bedroom patio?


What's working here

  •  There’s not too much focus on the bed alone.
  • There’s a sense of how you can relax in the bedroom.
  • Great natural light, the windows and door are open.
  • Outdoor view included, even from inside.
  • Clean and inviting.

 What's not working here

  • Poor or no natural light.
  • Lacks an inviting feel and relationship to what’s outside.
  • Flash imagery used.
  • Unbalanced compositions.