Environmental Cover Guidelines

It's what's on the outside that counts.

Establish the physical place and its outdoor environment. We see a lot of booking sites that feature listings with amenities only. Yonder listings, on the other hand, are structured to tell a story. Photography arranged in “story order” helps guests in their searches, and creates a story that balances the basic necessities of a listing with each property’s unique character and nature. It’s easy to do, and makes a big difference in the way potential guests perceive your offering.


Must include

The most inviting exterior shot of your property.


This is your property’s first impression. A little planning to catch the right tone and moment can go a long way. Photo size and file type that works best: 1920x1080 minimum JPG, PNG

Something to keep in mind

Guests are seeking out unique natural landscapes (mountain views, river, open field, amazing sunset etc). Be aware of the best time of day for lighting. We’ve discovered dark photos don’t always leave a positive impression.

What's working here 

  • The houses are shown in a natural environment.
  • The space around the property gives it breathing room.

 What's not working here 

  • Unbalanced, crooked shot.
  • No sense of the surroundings.