How can I be a better guest?

Before you book on Yonder..

      • Make sure you do your research. Don’t just look at places and areas- read the Steward's story and really understand what they offer and what they are inviting you into. 
      • Yonder offers many different listing types. Make sure the accommodations are well suited for you, your family, and your needs. This includes reading the Steward's expectations. 
      • Read the reviews. See what other guest’s experiences have been at this stay. This will help highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this particular listing to give you the best idea of what your experience will be like. 
      • Feel free to send the Steward a quick message with any pre-booking questions that the aforementioned steps haven’t been able to answer. 

Before your arrival

      • Communicate! We cannot encourage this enough. Make sure your Steward is up to date on your arrival time, expectations upon arrival and any special assistance you require. 
      • If anything changes (especially check-in time) let your steward know!

During your stay 

      • Honor the house protocol and requests made by your Steward. 
      • Ask before you invite people over- most of our stewards are super flexible on this. If their answer is “no” there is usually a very good reason. 
      • Ask your Steward for suggestions and recommendations. Our Stewards love to share their knowledge and excitement with our guests. 
      • Treat the listing like you would a friend’s home. Be respectful of your neighbors.