Living Room Guidelines

Highlight the unique characteristics.

A place that you can make yours. Photography of living areas should demonstrate a “lived-in” feel. Think about how people would use the furniture to relax or contemplate. Try showing amenities in the context of the surrounding space and not head-on inventory style. Ensure photos of furnishings and decor are the most current to avoid misleading guests. 

What's working here

  • Candid, natural light.
  • The feel of a living, natural space.
  • A framing that feels like you’re being pulled forward into the room.
  • Visual invitations to use specific objects in the home, such as a piano, library, etc.
What's not working here
  • Poorly staged, lack of character.
  • Unnatural light.
  • Reflections and glare from window.
  • Overly wide angle lens.