How do I become a Yonder Steward?

Our community of property owners and managers are much more than hosts. They’re Stewards who are committed to caring for their land, their heritage and excel in offering hospitality and enrichment for their guests. Stewards are answering Yonder's highest calling, to grow our connection to the natural world.

If you have an overnight stay or activity that falls within our Steward criteria you can apply to become a Steward. Our Steward criteria can be found below:


Property Requirements

Yonder seeks out properties that offer direct access to a natural environment, and provide at minimum, a 180-degree view of nature.

Stewards are required to own one or more of the following property types: 

  • Active agricultural, cattle or horse, or vineyard operations
  • Active public commerce
  • Rural area, outside of city limits
  • Immediate proximity to a body of water ie; lake, river, ocean
  • Zero-stop immersion to natural settings
  • Situated on a mountain, ridge, peak or summit
  • Immersed amongst trees ie; tropical, boreal and temperate forests
  • Situated in a desert, prairie, highland, inland, and remote locations 


Yonder Basic Amenities Requirement

We require that these basic amenities be part of every Yonder overnight accommodation.

  • Electricity - from the grid or renewably sourced 
  • Water access - well water, tap water or renewably sourced (potable) 
  • Toilet + essentials - modern plumbing or compost with toilet paper 
  • Shower + essentials - soap and shampoo 
  • Kitchen or offered meals - cookware with utensils 
  • Sleeping space - bed with provided linens



Yonder requires that all Stewards provide stays and activities that prioritize cleanliness and guest comfort.  

Stewards are expected to follow these guidelines: 

  • Property turnovers between each guest to include cleaned linens, including towels and bathmats, garbage removal, removal of all perishable food items, sanitized surfaces, cleaned and sanitized all bathing spaces - removing hair and soap grime, restocked essentials (bathroom, kitchen and cleaning products)
  • Every room must be tidy, clutter-free, and free from dust, debris, and mold. 
  • The property must be maintained, no leaks, doors & windows work properly, floors & decks in good condition, landscaping is maintained. 


Safety Checklist 

Yonder suggests that all Stewards strive to keep their guests safe and take all preventable actions to ensure their safety. 

Yonder requires all properties to have the following safety equipment and supplies:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors
  • First aid kit
  • Windows and doors have functional locks
  • Compliance with local building codes


Hospitality Expectations

Yonder strives to create a positive guest experience from booking to check out. We look to our Stewards to balance out their days on the farm or drive to the market with their commitment to connecting with their guests. 

All Stewards are expected to operate with these standards: 

  • Booking calendars appropriately represent rental availability and/or restrictions. 
  • Honest property listings with clearly stated rental guidelines, property facts, and an accurate photo gallery.
  • Timely and warm communication before, during, and after guest stays.
  • Guest issues or needs that arise are remedied quickly.
  • Promote an environment that’s inclusive and welcoming for all. 
  • Provide information on the surrounding nature, local culture, and heritage.


Sustainability Growth Commitment 

We expect our Stewards to be sustainability-minded with a connection to the local area, awareness of environmental responsibility, and the hospitality details to be reflective of this commitment (locally sourced offerings, low-impact properties, and mindful guest management practices). 

We partner with our Stewards to commit to the development of these efforts: 


  • Water conservation and protection 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Land preservation and restoration 
  • Recycling and waste reduction 
  • Wildlife protection 


  • Community involvement
  • Community enrichment


  • Promote local products + services
  • Contribute to local charities
  • Local employment  


Steward Insurance Requirement

All Stewards must confirm and verify all required insurances, permits, and ownerships. Yonder requires that all Stewards have the appropriate insurance coverage that is dependent on the type of stay or activity listed. Yonder also provides a Steward Guarantee coverage if you do not have insurance currently. Terms and conditions must be met.

Request to become a Steward, here.

A Steward Advocate will reach out to you after you complete the sign-up submission process.