Steward Profile Guidelines

Add a face to the natural surroundings.

Express to your guests the Steward that you are. At Yonder, the hosts are often a part of the experience. Research tells us that a host’s profile photo is as important as guests reviews, that’s why we strongly encourage you to upload a friendly photo that tells guests who is behind each listing. 


Must include

A forward-facing or side profile photo of your face from the shoulders up. The photo should include a bit of breathing room around your head, and ideally show the natural environment behind you.


Yonder crops your profile photo into a circular shape, so the natural space behind you is important to ensure faces are complete.

Something to keep in mind.

  • Capture a natural smile.
  • Avoid sunglasses and or any accessories that hide your face.
  • Avoid dark imagery.

Share portraits that are clear and of high quality. A smile is a foundation of establishing trust and a welcoming environment. A face clear of obstructions allows guests to see who you are.

Whats working here

  • Clean natural light.
  • Welcoming smile.
  • Landscape highlighted.
  • Natural, not staged.
  • Friendliness, pride and enthusiasm shines through.
Whats not working here
  •  Too near, too far, or blurry.
  • Scaled too small.
  • Full body shot.
  • Not smiling.
  • Dark/indoor shots.
  • Sunglasses/face obstructed.