What is a sub-unit listing?

Creating a sub-unit listing allows Stewards with bed and breakfasts, inns, or other lodge-style stays to feature all available rooms on a single listing. 


Guests can view all room types and styles offered on your property. See how Steward, Lisa, of 7F Lodge displays her Bed and Breakfast:


7F Lodge - College Station, TX


With sub-units, guests can inquire about multiple room types in one seamless check-out process. 



7F Lodge - College Station, TX

Additional benefits of a sub-unit listing include:

  1. Price control, pricing per unit type can be adjusted 
  2. Guests can view additional unit options at checkout, based on availability
  3. Organized and easy-to-manage listings dashboard

Connect with your Steward Advocate or contact us at scouts@yonder.com if you're interested in setting up sub-unit listings.