What is the status of my listing? How do I know if my listing is bookable?

Listings on Yonder move through a series of listing statuses before they become visible to guests.

To see the status of your listings, login to your Steward Dashboard. There are several different statuses that can appear next to your listing, such as In Progress, Yonder Review, Steward Review, Conditional, or Live. 


In Progress 

This listing is a draft and is in the process of being completed.  


In Yonder Review 

This listing is being reviewed by a member of our Steward Onboarding Team. This listing is not yet visible or bookable on Yonder.


In Steward Review 

This listing needs to be reviewed and approved by you. This listing is not yet visible or bookable on Yonder.



This listing is not visible to guests. To move this listing to Live please reach out to your Steward Advocate or contact us at scouts@yonder.com



This listing is now live and visible to guests. Guests can book this listing by visiting Yonder.

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