Yonder Photo Narrative Guidelines

Enhance your listing.

Evoke emotion around what it really feels like to be there. Our intent is to highlight the property’s story while highlighting the elements of nature. We aim to feature the unique story of your property that isn’t presented on other booking platforms by including dynamic and detailed photos, descriptive captions, and close-ups of guests engaged throughout the experience.

Photo Arrangement

  • 7-40 photos that highlight the stay and overall property’s elements of nature.
  • From the exterior establishing photos, moving into interior photos, and outdoor nature shots.


✓ Include descriptions of what is included in photos

✓ Spell out abbreviations and use proper punctuation

✓ Keep the photo cation character count under 240


✓ The close-ups of people enhance the narrative by showing their emotions.

✓ There are living animals in their natural habitats.

✓ Candid photos of people interacting with their surroundings and with each other.