Yonder Steward Guarantee

The Yonder Steward Guarantee. Liability and Property Protection all-in-one.

This is a general outline of the terms and conditions of the Yonder Host Guarantee Policy. It does not include all the terms, coverages, exclusions, limitations, and conditions of the actual Yonder Host Guarantee Policy. Log into your Yonder host account to view the specific limits, terms, and conditions.

All Yonder hosts are protected under the Yonder Host Guarantee. Upon agreeing to Yonder’s Terms and Conditions, you are automatically covered under the Host Guarantee.

Property Protection:

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy covers physical loss or damage to owners’ personal property when caused by a Yonder guest. The protection features a $25,000 limit on any one occurrence, a $5,000 limit on any single item with a minimum claim of $50. 

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy has some coverage exceptions that are not included. See below:
●  Pets or animals
●  Damage from ordinary wear and tear
●  Damage caused by mold, pollution and/or contamination
●  Damage to aircraft, motor vehicle or watercraft

Liability Protection:

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy provides liability protection for damages arising out of guest rental activity for which you become legally liable to third parties. The protection features a $1,000,000 limit, including legal defense for claims above $5,000.

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy does not cover claims that:

  • Are expected or intended by you;
  • Arises out of an illness, sickness or disease; excursions or activities outside of accommodations
  • Involving volunteer labor or experience; delivery of professional services; pets of animals; aircraft, motor vehicles or watercraft.

Medical Expenses:

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy also provides protection in respect of the necessary medical expenses as they relate to an accident causing bodily injury to a third party.

Examples of types of expenses this feature protects:
●  First aid charges, medical, ambulance
●  Hospital, surgical, X-ray, dental
●  Professional nursing, prosthetic devices
●  Funeral services

This protection only applies to guests staying on the premises with your permission. It does not protect you, your employees, or anyone on the premises without permission.

Need to report damage or file a claim? Email us at claims@yonder.com 


Important Notices:

  • The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy is a supplemental program designed to respond where underlying homeowner’s coverage does not, as evidenced by policy exclusions as they relate to short term rental activity and declined claims. It is not a replacement for homeowner’s insurance. The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy is excess over any other valid and collectible primary homeowner’s insurance.
  • Only a licensed insurance broker can analyze your personal situation, discuss your needs and advise you on insurance coverage. For questions on home insurance, it is highly recommended to consult a licensed professional.

The Yonder Host Guarantee Policy is supported by an insurance policy affected with certain Lloyd’s Underwriters through TERN Financial Group Inc., a Lloyd’s Approved Coverholder acting as agent for the Underwriters.